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Menu Planning Done for You!

These days money is tight for most of us. Menu planning is an absolute must to save money and trips to the store.

Menu planning is something I very much enjoy. I get that for most people its a chore and definitely not a fun one. I decided that since I enjoy it, that I would try doing some menu planning for you!

My menus are not for any type of diet. They are just food I enjoy making!

The menu I have made for this week is made using things that are on sale at my local supermarket where I shop. Super One Foods is a locally owned store that has wonderful fresh produce, a great meat selection and overall the best prices. I don’t have time to spend running all over town shopping so I do my shopping at Costco and Super One.

Oh and by the way, Happy 50th Anniversary Super One! I had not realized they have been around that long!

The Grocery Ads come out on Wednesday, so that is when I menu plan, make my list and then I grocery shop on the weekend.

Even if you aren’t local I hope you enjoy this menu and maybe try a few new things!

The recipes for the menu will be posted on the Recipe Page of Wine Food and Family.

August 3-7

Garlic Noodles Recipe
PF Chang’s Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Chicken Gyros
Great Greek Salad

Penne with Shrimp
Garlic Toast

Grilled Pork Chops
Summer Slaw from the deli
Bush’s baked beans

Hill’s frankfurters
hot dog bun
curly fries

I enjoyed doing this! I have to make a menu for my family anyway, may as well share with you!

Happy Cooking!

Elizabeth XO